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The Ultimate Boat Lift Handling Tool

The Ultimate Boat Lift Handling Tool

The Ultimate Boat Lift Handling ToolThe Ultimate Boat Lift Handling Tool


Boat Lift Lift in Action

How it Works

Attach the Boat Lift Lift to your boat lift with the four double-sided, reinforced steel,  foot hooks, which are guided and attached by your foot, eliminating the need

to reach under the water.

Crank it to pull the lift up (it can even break the suction that mud

creates) until it floats, then guide it to the trailer. 

One person can maneuver, turn, & pull your lift across the water.

Float the lift on to the trailer and drive it out of the water.

Transport your boat lift to your winter storage area.


More Information


Remove and Install your own Lift!

The Boat Lift Lift attaches to your boat lift and makes it float. 

You can easily maneuver your lift in the water and move it to shore.


Seawall or Hill?

The Boat Lift Lift is so stable in deep water that you can tow

your boat lift across the lake to the boat launch, and receive it

on the Boat Lift Lift trailer. Then you can tow it across land to a

winter storage space. In the spring, launch your boat and boat

lift at the same time. Tow the boat lift back to your shore and

carefully and easily place it by your dock.


"It was so easy. I put my lift in and pulled it out all by myself just like your video shows.  We renamed my Boat Lift Lift "The Mighty Lift" because of how much weight it can float. You have one happy customer on Green Lake." 



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